Have you ever seen a Burlesque Show in person? Would you go?

Burlesque is an art form like stripping or drag, but the dancers never get completely naked (Hello Pasties!) & are normally women of larger physiques. I have seen petite women do Burlesque as well, & I think the sexiest one I saw perform, she's a pole dancer, had a shaved head & marvelous, tasteful tattoos.
Anyone can do Burlesque. Some of the shows I've been to have had Drag Queens & Drag Kings, ladies of ALL sizes & 90% of the crowd is ladies.
It is very female empowering to watch all types of ladies do their acts. From Strip Tease to Pole Dancing to Snake Acts to Drag. The look on these ladies faces is amazing, especially when they just completed their very first performance in front of the crowd.
There's nothing like hearing ladies cheer on other ladies of all sizes & backgrounds. Hearing ladies empowering each other is a confidence boost, especially since normally we tear each other down because we are too big or too small. Hearing the crowd call these performers sexy, despite their perceived personal problems with their body is amazing.
The very first performance I saw had a Drag Queen & King in the show. The Drag Queen got topless & showed off her Pastied Goodies, she looked like she was having the best time. The King looked like a 20s gangster & never did more than remove his suspenders & unbotton the first few buttons on his shirt while doing his dance. It was cute to learn that one of the other burlesque dancers was the King's girlfriend when they kissed at the end of the show before mingling with the audience to get tips. I honestly think between myself & the other ladies in my group we gave them $300.
FYI to anyone who goes to a Burlesque show, they split the tips equally between all the performers. Please Tip Generously For Their Amazing Work!
I would LOVE to do Burlesque once things get back to a semblance of normal.
It's a super fun time, & I highly recommend going to a performance! For date night or a night on the town with your friends!
Have you ever seen a Burlesque Show in person? Would you go?
Have you ever seen a Burlesque Show in person? Would you go?
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