Who believes that the world has become "Too Politically Correct"?

A move comes on and the lead role is an African American female, the part being played is "The Little Mermaids" "Ariel" who in previous media. was a white red headed girl... The reason given is it's time that a black female gets to play a part that has been reserved by racist white people. Now I have no problem with "blacks" (I don't like the term personally, since I see everyone as people) playing lead roles, but would it really have been so difficult to write a different mermaid story and have a character written just for that actress? There is a song that says "You can act out the part Though you know It wasn't written for you" (Shower the People with Love by James Taylor). I've heard the reason is also because. "There are not enough people of color playing major roles as Super Heroes" so Make New Super Hero's. (The following are owned by their Copyright holders) Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Spider-Man... None of these beings existed (even as stories) until someone decided to write them, they didn't just exist since the beginning of time. Making New Characters is not a Herculean effort. So instead of using cultural appropriation (yes I went there) to take over "known" characters why not just create NEW characters? Now the biggest part of this example Is that there is to be a Black Super Girl the actress stated there are an infinite number of universes who knows maybe she's from one of those that (paraphrased a bit) so my question is what if suddenly they decided to make White Panther (or even Black Panther but the prince is a White guy), or maybe white Luke Cage and white green lantern (John Stewart), white Spider-Man (Miles Morales) I mean after all infinite number of earth's right? How many people who scream "Cultural Appropriation" or "Racism"? Of course though since it's a " black" person character being changed it's Wrong, while doing the same to a "white" character is fine. Talk about being two faced.
Who believes that the world has become "Too Politically Correct"?
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