Does this show Hook sound like an American or British television series?



A young boy must take up his father's place in becoming The next generation of the SOLDIER X. in doing this, he needs to be properly trained and equipped, before wearing the SOLDIER X suit or receiving it's Dogtags. As the show moves in, the protagonist receives training to prepare him and mold him for the role he is about to take. While the training is in progress he gets Ambushed and the secret of his family's SOLDIER X legacy gets revealed and unfolds in detail. His goals begin to change as now he would be to stop the armies of Conol Cobol from being restored and prevent them from re-awakening their impriaoned leader General Figaro from his hundred year Prison seal. although not being ready to take the SOLDIER X Roleas yet his primary objective is to stop Conol Cabol from awakening The main antagonist, though the protagonist is not yet ready to wear the SOLDIER X suit he receives the training needed to stop Cabol in his tracks. But in the end fails as Cabol revives the Key antagonist at the end of the Series.


Coby Alexander Stevens is an Ethnically mixed American Kid, with a Caucasian Father and an African American Mother who struggles to adapt to his challenges of being mixed race. After his family settling in San Antonio TX. itbis where his journey begins. Brian tries his best to shield himself and his family from Project X seeking to recruit him back into the military project. But is unaware that they've targeted his Son whom they train and equip throughout the series.
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Does this show Hook sound like an American or British television series?
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