Fictional Vs Debate: Star Wars vs Star Craft. Who wins?

Star Wars Universe allied together vs Starcraft Universe Allied together.
Star Wars has both "Legends" Canon" and "Disney canon" and "Prequel Lucas G-Canon"

Raynor has 5 Protoss researches and 5 Zerg Researches, including Regenerative Biosteel and Shrike Turret Bunkers. Raynor has all armory researches.

Artanis has 100% Solarite upgrades on the Spear of Adun and Artanis is Dark Templar and armed with Void Blades instead of ordinary Psi blades.

Kerrigan is "Supreme Primal Queen" but not "Xel Naga" yet.

All other "Co-op" commanders and their technologies are available as well.

For some context, Kerrigan is already "Off the Scale" on a Class 12 Starcraft Telepath ranking system, as the Adjutant in Heart of the Swarm said she was already "Incalculable" implying "off the 12 rank scale". All other StarCraft commanders are Class 10 Characters for one reason or another. Ordinary Terran Ghosts are class 6, while High Templar are class 8.

A Typical Star Wars Jedi Master is ONLY a Class 6 or 7 Telepath on the Star Craft ranking system.

the Zerg have these adaptations:

Immune to Fire and Cold
Raptor Strain Zerglings
Regenerative Acid Banelings
Ranged Upgraded Hydralisks
Adaptive Armor Vile Roaches
Regenerative Mutalisks with extra Glaive Bounces
Viper Abduct and Parasitic Bomb and Blinding cloud
Broodlords with Range upgrade
Swarm Hosts with Deep Tunnel
Ultralisks Immune to mind attacks AND Torrasque Immortality strain and Tissue Assimilation. Recall that Nuclear Bombs only make Ultralisks Stronger... as per Ultralisk Torrasue mission canon.

Kerrigan has Psionic Shift, Frenzy, Chain LIghtning, Heal, Kinetic Blast, Summon Leviathan
And She has Zagara, Stukov, and Dehaka's Broods allied with her.
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24 d

this is the official Blizzard Zerg Trailer for Heart of the Swarm. The Zerg feats seen here are Canon, so for example, an Ultralisk has "Necessary Powers" to stomp on an 80 ton tank and crush it to scrap, and can soak a shot from a siege tank shooting them in the face. Ultralisks actiually have two forms of Reincarnation.
24 d
the "Machine Guns" the Marines are using are hybrid chemical/magnetic propelled Gauss Rifles. The rounds fly arbitrarily close to the speed of light and can hit a target up to 75 miles vertically through the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet... yet they don't even phase Kerrigan's Hydralisks when the shoot them at close range. Although this IS a dream, this battle actually happens at the end of the game, when Kerrigan attacks Mengsk.
Fictional Vs Debate: Star Wars vs Star Craft. Who wins?
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