Do you like sea shanty songs?

So this actually came to mind because it is a song I heard recently and I had NEVER heard it before, it was just on the radio, popped up and I thought... wow, this is different... I kind of like this, I didn't know the name so when I got home I genuinely just searched up sea shanty remix song and found it, I liked it but also like the non remixed version of the singer.

I do like sea shanties as a whole but you don't see many of them, I do like hearing them straight from mouth and no effects because it is a song while telling a story, which I love.If you want the whole story then you want the one that is not a remix but if you want something that gives a gist of the story and has a new approach to shanties then you would go for the remix, that is why I like both.

This just serves as an example, if you find any sea shanty songs or remixes please send the song video when you post on here so I can enjoy some really interesting songs! :)
I like them but don't see many of them
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Do you like sea shanty songs?
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