Am I the only one who thinks Ross from friends get too much hate at times?

I know Ross Geller is a fictional character and he’s my least favorite of the group but sometimes I think the dude gets wayy too much hate. He’s definitely made his mistakes. Some people say Ross treats the woman he dated like shit but if you look at Joey he sleeps with woman and never even calls them back. Also it’s kind of annoying when people say Ross ruined Rachel’s relationships but she did the same to him like when Ross was trying to move on, Rachel ruined three of his relationships with Julie, Emily, and Bonnie. Not to mention I thought he was right about the whole thing with Phoebe thinking that cat was her mom but he could have said it in a nicer way instead of screaming at her and when Rachel was being extremely inconsiderate in the one where no one is ready episode she purposely didn’t get ready even though they were supposed to be there at a certain time. I would’ve been pissed at her too. I do hate him when he fired the male nanny and the whole we were on a break thing. He was so annoying. But I don’t forget his good moments where he got Phoebe a bike, made a space camp for that little girl, tried his hardest to be okay with Joey dating Rachel, kissed Joey for an acting role even though he was hesitant at first, and when he skipped a tv appearance to help Rachel. To me those are somethings a good friend does. Sorry for my rant haha.
Am I the only one who thinks Ross from friends get too much hate at times?
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