Do you still play board games?

And if so, what’s your favorite? Mine is Monopoly and The Game of Life. Chess, checkers and chinese checkers are also what I play, along with Snakes and Ladders.

There are these Asian chess games I’m trying to learn how to play but couldn’t. Those are: Chinese chess (Xiangqi), Korean chess (Janggi) and Thai chess (Makruk). I’ve also discovered different Asian board games such as: Thai checkers (Makhos), Pasang, Surakarta and the more famous Mahjong.

I actually played Mahjong alone but don’t know if that game can be for multiplayers. I also play card games as well like Blackjack and Poker. For me, playing board or card games while drinking coffee is sooooooo fun!!! 👌👌👌
Do you still play board games?
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