Which Comic Book power would you rather have?

Enhanced Attributes
You have 6x all physical attributes, meaning you can run, jump, lift, throw, punch, kick, and so forth 6x faster/stronger/farther than peak human.

You are able to make small multi-second jumps backward through time, and heal yourself with chronomancy power, and you are able to create other types of time warps including small wormholes to different places.

Regenerative Biosteel
Your Body is made of Regenerative Biosteel (Raynor's faction in StarCraft 2,) you are nearly impervious to damage and you heal when damaged anyway.

Pale Master (Necromancy specialist)
You have all the benefits of being an AD&D Lich and none of the Drawbacks. You are level 10 AD&D 3.0 Wizard level 30 Pale Master with Automatic Quicken Spell 3, as per Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark campaign.

Ability/Life Drain (Rogue)
Self Explainitory as per Marvel comics.

Pictomancer (Relm Arrowny, Final Fantasy 6)
You are able to make your sketches and paintings come to life. Sketches live long enough to attack an enemy one time. Full Color Paintings and sculptures are permanently alive.

You can transform into a powerful Werebear with +4 AD&D 2.0 claws and teeth, meaning you can slay powerful beings such as Demi-Liches. You also have Meta-Regeneration (Wolverine). For some reference, Wolverine's Adamantium claws in Marvel comics would be +4 weapons in AD&D.
Enhanced Attributes (Captain America)
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Chrononaut (See Below)
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Regenerative Biosteel
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Pale Master
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Ability/Life Drain (Rogue)
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Which Comic Book power would you rather have?
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