Movies: Question about or for actors in sex scenes?

This is a question about/for actors who have participated in sex scenes in movies. I've seen many movies which include nudity and strong sexual content. All those movies had scenes of couples having sex. But, personally, I don't think the writers/directors of the movie make the man insert his penis into the girl during sex scenes. Is that true? If they don't, then in what position is the mans penis while he is pumping into her from behind or in the missionary? Does he just slap his penis against the girl, do they tape it to his body so that it does not wobble around? Anyone know?


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  • I think they have special skin like material or stickers that cover the genitals so they can pretend f***, there was this interview with an actor with James McAvoy where he said he had to wear a diaper sort of thing in his sex scene


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  • i played Wendla in "Spring Awakening" a musical about teens going through adolecence and learn about sex, suicide and abortion. well the famous "hayloft" scene is when my character and melchior the lead male, would have sex. I would show my boobs and melchior would show his butt but when it came to the "thrusting" part, his pants would be in between us and I have underwear on of course but it's easy for you to get tired of dry humping someone and it not be a turn on after the first few humping sessions to not always be hard when we do it so then its all professional and we don't really have sex.


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