Which was the best rock group of the 1970's and 1980's?

All these groups had massive hits.

Journey , Wheel in the Sky and Any Way You Want it.

Foreigner, Jukebox Hero and Long long Way From Home

Styx , Mr. Roboto and Too Much Time on My Hands

Alan Parson's Project , Eye in The Sky and Damned If I Do and Games People Play

Loverboy , Workin for The Weekend and Lucky Ones

Kansas, Dust in The Wind and Play the Game Tonight.

INXS , Original Sin and New Sensation

My over all favorite of these would be... drum roll... Alan Parson's Project , because they were both with lyrics or without. Sirius was used to introduce the Chicago Bulls. Many of their songs were used for commercials. My least favorite of these would be Foreigner. I like them and Long Long Way from Home is one of the best songs ever, but they total work was not as good as the others.
Which was the best rock group of the 1970s and 1980s?
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Alan Parson's Project
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Loverboy Lucky Ones was a monster hit and I still love to hear that one. Alan Parson's Project You Can't Take it with you is awesome , might have that played at my funeral. Journey's Any Way You Like it is one of my all time favorites. INXS Original Sin I loved and still do. Kansas might most underrated of the bunch. You always hear Dust In The Wind and Carry on Wayward Son, but my favs were Play the Game tonight and Fight fire with Fire , and Point of No Return. Those were better
Which was the best rock group of the 1970's and 1980's?
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