Did you like Doom Eternal, and what would you have like the game to improve?

I thought it was awesome but here's some changes I would have liked to see.

-I thought the "Sticky bomb" mod on the combat shotgun was a bit OP'd compared to full auto so I think the sticky bombs should have had to take up two rounds per shot to make the two mods more balanced.

-The super shotgun should have had a "double tap" (you pull the trigger, one of the rounds will fire and when you release it, the other one does).

-The "Heavy cannon" should've been hit-scan because it really just felt like a slow firing version of the plasma rifle.

-Instead of the Arbalest, the ballista should've had a mod that could shoot through walls and show you what enemies are on the other side of the wall when you charge it up.

-The chaingun should have been hit-scan and have a reticle bloom. Also, to use the "mobile turret" you should have to stand still.

-An equipment item you should have had was a sentinel beast spawn (kind of like the marauders' dog spawn).

-I didn't think the marauder was as bad as most people say but I do think having an optional encounter with him was BS. Although instead of being a fallen night sentinel, the marauders should have been resurrected minions of General Deaths' hand (Wolfenstein and Doom are in the same universe) with 8 encounters. In each one the marauder has a different demonic versions of Nazi weapons that would act like the ones you carry (Plasma rifle = Mp-40, Chaingun = MG-42, Rocket launcher = Panzerschreck etc...).

-The whiplashes should have had way less health than they did. I could deal with their firepower and mobility but slapping the ability to take it on top of dishing it out was just too much.

-Doomguy should have used his knife in the Melee animation.

-At the end of The Ancient Gods Part 2, after Doomguy was put in the sarcophagus, it the screen should have turned white with a rabbit hopping towards the screen.
Doomguy and Daisy
Doomguy and Daisy
Did you like Doom Eternal, and what would you have like the game to improve?
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