Photography Ideas? Any tips would be wonderful :)

So, I absolutely love photography :) And I'm getting a tripod for my little canon, and a fabulous expensive camera out of the money I've been saving come January of February :D

What I need, though, are some ideas. Not only for self portraits, but for my "models" as well. Can ya help me out? :D

Examples of some of the stuff I've got so far:

-A smiling, shy, playful expression on the subject's face, while their hand blocks most of the photo

-Outside in the winter, with snowflakes in the subjects eyelashes and hair

-"shooting" myself in the head. I'm going to hold another camera with a long lens to the side of my head, with my eyes closed as though waiting to be shot


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  • try to make your model (s) pose alongside some exotic or wild animals (like snakes, baby gator etc..) or try underwater photography its a whole different world under! (but it's more costly)

    is photography just a hobby for you or you do it as a living like what i do?


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  • Action shots can be cool (twirls)...I saw one shot where the subject was holding an empty picture frame and then it was photoshopped so that it was inside itself infinitely (if that makes sense) was impressive


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  • Tripod are awesome expecially for panoramas or night shots as they permit very steady photos thus reducing blur and enabling slower shutter speeds. If I had one (which unfortunately I don't cause I don't have 500 extra quid to blow) I would try to capture the beauty of my city/habitat. Look at human interaction and try to capture something of the sorts. Life is so rich in these moments you wish you could capture and a good photographer is the one able to capture them for everyone else to see.


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