Is there any way to easily create a statue that is aesthetically pleasing, with little artistic ability?

I'm not a sculptor. Holy god, I'm not a sculptor. At all, man. I mean, I would have loved to have been, I love doing all that kind of thing, but I'm just not good at it. I've got a hand-motor eye thing, or whatever, so.. Well, you don't need my SOP STORY, that's not important.

The point is I both can't get good at sculpting and can't get good at sculpting in the time allotted to me.

But I'm doing up my garden in springtime, and I'm like, very spiritual, very spiritual, and I'm having a spiritual garden. Most of it's like, psychedelic drug plants, with a history of holy use - I'm off psychedelics for good now, so it's not even to harvest them, it's just my concept of 'Plants with Powder' - a garden that sings.

Anyway, one of the main features is a hailing to Inca mythology, whereupon I have a pond, and in that pond is a statue of Viracocha, the universe ( link the pond will be filled with Blue Lotus plants. Blue Lotus rise with the sun every morning, and submerge with the moon. So, they represent Inti and Quilla (though traditionally they represented Ra, since they hail from egypt), who are the sun and moon respectively, and both lovers and Vicoracha's children. So, it's like, this pond is the sun, moon and the eternal sky.

All really symbolic and mystical and auuhhhhh, I love it. Anyway...

I've been looking, and there aren't any statues of Vicoracha. Not even any that LOOK like Vicoracha. So, I've got to make this bastard myself.

Is there a way I can do this easily in a way that won't look amateurish? With wood, maybe? He's usually depicted in a series of squares and things, anyway, so he shouldn't be too hard from a technical front, if I can find someone who can draw in straight lines, hahaha. But, can anyone help me?


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  • You could get some chalk, draw him on a block and carve it.

    Get a big block and sculpt him, but go really slow and take your time, maybe practice with some balsa foam? (different tools and material is softer 'n stuff, but at least you can get the hang of scultping things out more).

    Do it with clay?

    If you wanna make it good with little artistic ability, you'd probably want to know how you want to do exactly, do some sketches 'n stuff, to see what it's going to look like on all sides, and just take your time and be really thorough about it. When people put a lot of effort into something it'll turn out nice even if they aren't the best artists. I've seen it a lot in my art classes, people say they suck and their stuff will be ugly, but the finished product is way better than they expected.

    • Hmm... I really like that idea, especially the block idea. I dig! Especially since the Incas used to carve like hell. What do you mean by block though? Do I need to chisel the bastard?

    • I don't know about material, but when people say sculpture I always imagine them chiseling a block. O.o

    • Ahaha, well, I'll see what I can find

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  • He looks like he'd be a good pattern to just carve out one of those raised, but not a full fledged statue dealeos (I can't recall the art term right now). So if you got a big ol' block of something, that'd look cool as a stand along block of whatever, then carved out a raised version of him from it.

    That way you can have the lines drawn on as guides.

    If I were to make a statue-statue from him, I'd take a picture of him, print it out and draw the big basic blocks of him out. (mostly square head, kinda trapizoid legs, etc). Then make that super basic form out of blocks. Smooth the edge, etc so that looks OK. Then add the detail work. There's moldable sculpture stuff that you can get at art outlets that's easy to work with (more like clay) than actual sculpting. (or wood carving for that matter), paint over that with some color to blend all the lines and such together annnnd you're done!

    Or make a fancy mold and get a crap ton of plaster of paris.

    • Hmm, thanks! I don't quite understand all of what your said, but I think I get the idea. I'll look into these block things! A very simple version of him would look nice... =] Thanks

    • Ha, it was a bit early in the morning when I wrote this. :P

      I was just looking at a picture of him, and if you ignore all the details, he really just seems to be a made of some basic squarish shapes. I'd try to build him from basic block shapes, then add the details. Rather than trying to carve out everything in one go.

    • Yeah I got that =] Really good idea, thanks!

  • if you're in college why don't you pick up an art class most of the time its part of the requirements anyways that you need a fitness and art class so you can see if your college offers sculpting you get to keep the things you make =]

    also search for how to videos on YouTube

    • My college doesn't have multiple art classes, and anyway, I need to do this before spring hits, ahaha. But thanks, I'll definitely look on YouTube!

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  • Well that's what art is all about man. Doesn't matter how it looks to others, just give it a shot and sculp it the best you can. In the end, I have a feeling, if you try really hard and are passionate about it, you'll come up with something that will be really pleasing/satisfactory to you. Express yo self boy. Use them handsssssssss.

    • Well, see, that's my usual approach to anything within art. I mean, the music I make is f***ing... Technically appalling, but creatively it, well, at least, I love it. But, I didn't really want to make a statue at all, it's just the only option I'm left with. I really wanted to buy one. Like, for this, it's a religious thing, more than a creative thing, and in that sense, I want it to look pretty, you know?

  • well, "can I get results without the work?" "can I lose 20 lbs without working out hardly? " .. these and other "quick fix" type mentality are all the same. The answer is no you have to put in the hard work to get the results.

    • You know how people go to like, one origami class, and they're able to make those lovely big paper cranes? That does't always apply, to creation. Like... It doesn't take any skill to brew ayahuasca, either. I'm looking for that kind of thing. The only other option I have is to conscript a sculptor, like, so, might as well ask, right?

    • just start getting some clay and practticing.There's an excellent book on teaching supposedly "unartistic or uncreative" people to draw. Drawing on the right side of the brain is the title. Check that book out and you will be able to be artistic, the author has made many people find their talents. It of course applies completely to sculpting as well, very similar.

    • Ooh, thanks, I'll look into that!

  • I may be drunk right now, but I'm pretty sure this is stupid.

    Art is dead. It was always dead. But that's to your advantage, because you can argue anything is art. even stupid stuff. like your dumb hippy plant garden. so anything you do you can say how it has some meanign and a**holes who believe in art will sit there and stare and believe you when you and I both know you don't mean sh*t.

    • I- Uh- Wh-

      When did art die?

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    • No mosquitos in this country. I'm from Northern Ireland, we have like no bugs. That's really interesting though, about the algae, I'm actually considering fish now. Thanks a lot!

      By the way, are you a lot more cultured than you're letting on? Because, after the high water mark of Van Gogh came the Symbolists and Decadents movements, respectively, which are largely the precursors to the modal of artistic thought you're sati ring, and a stacked bunch of rocks representing heaven unreachable is-

    • remarkably similar to the old viking altars, erected on a similar concept. So like... Ahaha, are you fairly well read, as a sober man?

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