Need advice on oil painting!!! (Beginner)

Hi, I'm looking to start oil painting soon, but I don't really have an idea on where to start. It's not gonna be something expensive, just a couple of OK brushes, some paper and some oil colors.

However, I have some questions, and I really hope an experienced painter or someone with just some knowledge might be able to help me out. I've been looking at different sets from amazon, but since I'm not level 4, I can't post links, so just copy the name of the sets into google, and it's the first one.

"Royal and Langnickel Oil Painting Art Easel Set" 27£ at amazon. which looks quite good for starters, what do you think?

And "Easel Artist Set-All Media-100 Pieces" for 43£.at amazon. which looks really good imo, but a tad expensive too. Is it worth the money? What would you recommend?

Thanks a million for input.


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  • Oil painting is tricky and expensive.

    So if it's something you want to get into I'd start small.

    Honestly if you're just starting out - I'd avoid those sets, and really I'd avoid them if you were more experienced too. They tend to be more expensive in the long run because they contain things you don't really need or won't use, and little of the things you need a lot of.

    I'd just go to a local art store and ask in there. They know what they're talking about. Explain you're a beginner, explain the kind of painting you want to do - not just oil. Do you want to do thinned oil, or not? What finish you want.

    Basically you need to invest in some brushes suitable for oil painting. Some oil paint thinner. Black. White. Red. Yellow. and Blue paint. Some canvas or other suitable material for painting on. And if you're buying un-primed canvas - some primer suitable for oil paint.

    Those are your basics, and as you learn more, you can expand on what you need.


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  • Oh hello. I use linseed oil to mix with my oil paints. I have a basic set but I splash out on a good white as I use it the most for mixing skin tones and what not. I would personally recommend buying an average price set to mess around with first and defintely invest in good soft brushes. Most valuable advice is remember to clean your brushes within the day and use washing powder and rub it til you get it all out, only thing that does the job. You would be better off buying rolls of canvas, stretching and priming them yourself. Much cheaper.


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  • I don't really do oil paintings. I'm more into charcoal drawings and such. Took a watercolors class a number of years back. That sort of thing. The best advise I can give you is start small. You don't need some elaborate painting set to become and artist. Buy a few basic instruments, get acquainted with them, and gradually expand into new materials and methods.

    I'd go with the first set.

    p.s keep in mind it's the canvas that's expensive when it comes to oil painting.

  • I'm not going to lie oil painting can be very tricky and expensive but it also has advantages that no other type of paint has, like the ability to take your time painting and not worrying about the paint drying quickly like water colors and if you messed up you can erase the part of the painting you screwed up or you can paint over it. Since oil paintings have many layers of painting that allow light to pass through the thinner and translucent layers to make your colors very, very vibrant.


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