Why are people offended by others' tastes in music/films/books?

I'm a big "art" fan - huge film buff, music fanatic, addicted to reading books and poetry, looking at art, etc.

Everyone has different tastes, which is wonderful. However, some people feel they are "better than" others because of their taste in music, movies, books, etc. When these people learn of someone watching a movie they don't like, they insult it and the person for even watching it. Same goes for liking bands, books, TV shows...

Why do you think people do this?

Do you do this to others?

Do you get offended when someone does it to you?

Why do you think people are "worried" or "ticked" that someone likes something different?

What are your thoughts?

I can't tell you how much hate I get for loving "The X-Files", haha!


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  • People can be real asshats sometimes. Liking different stuff is great. It means we don't all chase after the same things in life.


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  • "If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck..."

    • How does that apply to my question?

  • the x files is gay. you should watch being human or battlestar galactica.

    • So cool that you can be a cowardly prick to a girl. Maybe you will get laid one day but rape may still be illegal when it happens. Good luck

    • some people like 7gnat are just to stupid to get irony.

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