Whats the big deal about lance armsrtong and his steroid use?

The Ultimate Fighting League and Mixed Martial Arts are not immune to this wildfire of abuse. When humans are shoved into cages and subjected to bone crushing punishment, it is only before some time that anabolic-androgen steroids become proliferative. Humans are turned into animals and forced to fight in haphazard conditions. While the UFC and MMA are still relatively young sports, they have gained in popularity. These are sports where your size does in fact matter. But at the same time, strategy and skill play a very large part. These are some of the only sports where one contender may abuse anabolic-androgen steroids, be the bigger fighter, but still lose to a smaller but more intelligent and skillful contender

In the past decade there have been over 34 fighters caught and tested positive for steroid usage. Most of them had admitted there wrong doing but others tried to defend their reasoning behind their illegal usage. Fighter such as Josh Barnett and Royce Gracie believe that there was absolutely no wrong doing and that they were completely innocent. Hard to believe a man is innocent when you become a repeated offender. Josh Barnett was first caught in November of 2001 and let off with a warning. However he did not adhere to that warning/ and was caught again the following year testing positive for Boldenone

Steroids have proven to be a major problem in professional sports and the NFL should be a main target for criticism due to the size of the modern athlete. Athletes are “not born to be 300 lbs. or jump 30ft,” as Alzado put it, and simply combining this freakish size with amazing athleticism adds another health concern when you take into account that football is a full contact sport, every play at every position. While steroids are a large problem, the NFL has only scratched the surface of what they can do to make the game clean again.

WWE wrestling has huge taking of steriod?

Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan, to Triple H and John Cena. World Wrestling Entertainment, or the WWE, is the most popular wrestling company today. Vince McMahon has been facing the issue of steroids constantly during his 28 years as head of the company (1). His wife, Linda McMahon, “was intimately involved with WWE from its founding in 1980,” and stated that “steroids had already become an issue by 1991.

Lance armstrong seems a pebble in the ocean, why is he the only getting shot for taking steriods?
hey everyone, Don't take my comparisons too seriously, I am just comparing the use of steroids in all sports. I am beginning too see the point of the issue surrounding lance Armstrong compared with the other sports, which I didn't know before. Like he went and sued everyone in such a way he was a bully about it, and the he was an Olympian or a X-Olympian hero to everyone.
you all good answers and answers which I couldn't see why the big deal was, I thought it was just all over steriods. selecting the best answer will be hard. but I do love a good debate without any rude comments, it makes us all think on our toes lol.


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  • First of all, the WWE? Really? A scripted and noncompetitive entertainment industry vs. a prestigious international event? That's a comparison you want to make? Good grief.

    The UFC and boxing have some of the best drug testing measures of any sports, that's why people are getting caught. Plus, state sporting and gambling commissions oversee them, so it's actually ILLEGAL for a competitor to be caught using, instead of just simply unethical in other sports.

    The Tour de France, internationally, is almost as high up there as the Olympics. People care about it. And Armstrong isn't the only facing troubles for this behavior, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGuire will likely never get into the hall of fame. NFL players face very stiff penalties if they get caught, but more can be done to catch them.

    People are angry with Armstrong because he was supposed to be superman... one of the great sports icons ever. Now his legacy is left in ruins and all the while he was lying to everyone about everything. He didn't accomplish anything significant on his own merit. People hate to be made a fool of.

    • Well said!

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    • Self regulation does not seem to be sufficient in this business. Unfortunately the only reason why the wellness policy is being enforced is due to tragic deaths of young wrestlers. With almost super human sized wrestlers such as John Cena, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mason Ryan, and Ezekiel Jackson; can anyone believe steroids are not used in the WWE today?

    • Of course they're used... but people don't get upset about it because there is no competitive spirit or sense of fair play in that industry. It's just like an action movie. Good guys and bad guys, mindless spectacle as an escape from the real world. That's the fan's perspective. But other legitimate sports, there is a lot of pride that fans feel for competitors, especially when it's a regional or national team. Those athletes are representing the fans, and when they cheat, it makes them look bad

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  • Because he was a bully. Forced his teammate into doping, and sued anyone who spoke of it. He made an ass out of all his sponsors too. Not mention disgraced US in the international sports scene

    • it's going to be great to see him have to fork back that money he sued (what a joke) for.

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    • definitely Ihatework, some of companies are putting in sue claims for wanting their money back. he is in big big sh*t. I am just wondering if he won't be bankrupt by the end of it.

    • @ qa bankrupt maybe. But trust me I doubt he will go broke. He seems sneakier than that

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  • probably because of how relentlessly he sued people who claimed he used.

    • i never thought of that.i suppose too many people wanted revenge on him now. I suppose he stepped on too many of the wrong peoples toes, so too speak. instead of just keeping his head down, and probably none this would of happened to him.

    • I don't really care personally, but yes.

      Most of the guys you mentioned, when caught either:

      - claimed they'd taken a tainted supplement

      - said yes, I did it

  • They're not animals forced into fighting, they're athletes with a choice.

    As for Lance Armstrong, it's disappointing that its unsure which of his accomplishments was actually on his own without the "enhancements". It's further disappointing that those guys finishing in second place may never win a Tour de France because Armstrong did so outside the regulations of the sport while they did it the right way.

    And it's an even further disappointment considering how many athletes of our generation have an asterisk by their name. Past generations had the sports heroes to look up to for their amazing accomplishments, while we aren't sure who is real or not. It's just unfortunate that people will claw over everyone else like that.

    • Another reply I strongly agree with! Thanks

    • yeah that point about being animals forced into a caged was over the top lol. good answer. but it seems like (most) top not all athletes wanting to take steroids just gain that extra inch, wanting to known as the best. which is giving the younger generation false hopes of being like them?

  • The magnitude of his deception says it all. He was considered one of the greatest athletes in the history of Mankind, a role model, the ultimate example of what discipline and dedication bring into one's life. And suddenly, everything, the hero, the Myth, the legend, is gone. It's a lie. Public opinion is in their right to feel shocked by one of the biggest lies in sport history. He didn't lie to himself, he lied to us. We believed in him and he didn't care about it. Sad.

    Perhaps, a way to avoid cases like this in the future is to create a separate category in every sport allowing the use of metabolic enhancing substances. In that way, people will distinguish the chemically enhanced champions from the "free-range" ones. Just like the eggs we buy in the supermarket. Thoughts?

    • everyone says he lied to us? but what every other athlete out there? there are still so many doing the same thing as him. the only stupid thing he did was, he was so aggressive in denying and suing everyone of accusing him of taking steroids. the relentless suing of everyone, is what really brought him down, people are just out for revenge. if he just kept his down, didn't sue, none of this would of happen to him. they didn't care about him taking steroids,

    • they just wanted to remove the bully, and make him into sizzling rat of a man. his accusers won in the end. bullies will always win the battle, but loose the war in the end.

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