How hard is it to get into the entertainment industry?

I was in L.A. last summer and met a guy at a sports bar on Hollywood Blvd. We got to talking, and it turns out he was a co-producer on that old boxing reality show The Contender. He was a real friendly guy, but I was skeptical because he volunteered that information pretty easily, as if he struck up conversation just to tell me, lol. (I did look him up when I got back home, and his story checks out. Also met a friend of his who has her own production company, and he was saying all this in front of her.) He asked me if I was trying to get in "the industry", I said "no, just visiting the city", and he was like "oh, man, you should really try!" I told him that it sounds great in theory, but at 33 I'm not about to quit my job and move to the other side of the country to try to "make it."

If I was 23, maybe I could roll the dice and live in L.A. a couple years and just have some fun, but at this point it'd be impractical. He kept at it though, and was telling me how it's all about who you know, citing that crew of guys that are always in Adam Sandler's movies. To have him tell it, all I gotta do is get in tight with someone famous and it takes care of itself. The guy who produced the Contender also produced Survivor, and apparently this guy met him and started partying and going to strip clubs with him, and that was his in. Good for you, bro, but how do you propose I become buddies with one if these guys?

And he's telling me I have the looks to be in front of the camera, meanwhile Mr. Perfect behind the bar is so good looking it made me angry, lol. But this guy's 100X better looking than me, looks like a movie star, and he's slinging gin and tonics to get by. On top of all this, I have no acting experience other than a class I took in college. "Excuse me, Mr. Spielberg? Hi, you don't know me, but I got an A in Intro to Acting at UMass. Why, yes, I'd LOVE to star in your next film!" But this guy kept insisting that a guy with my charisma could make it in Hollywood.

I think I've been watching too much Entourage and I'm getting the itch, lol. But that's crazy, right? What are the chances of getting a decent job on or off camera? Anyone have any experience with this?
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  • While I cannot attest to having any relation to the industry whatsoever, I will say the following:

    1) Older men probably have a better chance than younger men unless they started out as child actors because they appeal more on camera. The reverse is true for women.

    2) A lot of Hollywood actors/actresses take side jobs and apply for gig after gig while busing tables or something. Given that information, I'd say you need to a) land more offers than your competition and b) learn to network with the higher-ups (like you said)

    3) A lot of people who end up in Hollywood have a past with the adult film industry.



    • I think applying to act in B-horror films and softcore p*rn are probably your best bet to get into Hollywood aside from having sex with someone high-up. You still have to do a good job acting (ie appealing to the camera more than everyone else in the audition AND in the film).

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  • Just be good looking.


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  • im 22 living in los angeles and I'm trying to break into music industry. its like impossible. the moment I I think I made some progress it all shatters the next second. I'm talented too and good looking but it depends on who you know and how you present yourself at first. you need be talented too. but if you are 33 I don't think you should give up your life and go chase some dream that doesn't seem to be achievable anyway.

  • hollywood likes people that are attractive but not too attractive.

    • That's good for me. I'm a good looking guy by most accounts, but I won't give chicks whiplash either, lol. One girl once told me "you're hot, but like, non-threatening hot. you look like you'd stay for breakfast the morning after." Always thought that was funny.

    • neither would matt damon or george clooney if they were not rich and famous. sure they are good looking guys but they are shorter men and just average healthy looking men. well maybe a tad above average but definitely nothing to write home about

  • If you're willing to suck a lot of d***, and eat a lot of sh*t, you might get your foot in the door.

    • Ummm...literally or figuratively?

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    • Yikes. If I call anyone, it'll be that dude I met. I was joking with that poll question, dude was a pure-bred pu$$y hound.

    • Yeah, and so are Tom Cruise and John Travolta... allegedly.

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