Terrified of putting my 1yo in daycare?

Im a stay at home mom of 2 boys. I woukd like to get a job but im terrified of what can happen to my kids in daycare. I see things on the news like kids getting beat, molested, taken etc... at daycare! I would hate myself if any of this happened to my kids.. ya i know i should do my research on the daycare but still u just never know with people now days :/ I don't know what i should do getting a job would help out financially but I don't know if putting my kids at risk of them getting hurt or taken or anything is worth it.
Thank u all for ur opinions some helpful some not so helpful, but appreciated


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  • You only hear about the few bad, and not the thousands that are good.


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  • I think your fears are valid. Even if they are not abused in day care many things can happen. My sisters have both worked in daycare centers and both quit because they couldn't handle seeing such mistreatment going on.

    One was in the YMCA of a large city. She tried so hard to take care of the kids and did a great job. Even put her own money towards buying games and toys for the kids and actually spending quality time with them. At the end of the day he coworkers did not seem to care nor did the managers. After a few over whelming incidents and nothing being done, she decided to leave.

    My other sister worked in a small middle class town. The day care had a wonderful reputation. Yet the staff took poor care of the children. Baby's left unchanged with diaper rashes, leaving them in there cribs to cry, children hitting other children with nothing being done to stop it. Teens working there with bad reputations for being drug addicts. She couldn't handle it either and left.

    Unless your child is old enough to talk enough that they could tell you what's going on, I'd have a hard time trusting too.

    On the other hand people leave there kids in day care everyday. If you really need to put your children in day care I'm sure there are things you can do to check out how safe it is.

    How do they go about hiring staff? Talk with other parents who have kids in day care? What is a typical day like for the children. How many children per care taker? How are the age groups separated?

    If you think about it though being in daycare can be overwhelming right? Kindergarten is usually just a half day because a full day of school (which is basically just daycare at that age) for a kindergartener is too much for the child to handle.

    I don't know its up to you. Maybe your kids will like it?


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  • They will get sick a lot! Every other week seems like.


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  • I know exactly what you mean. We had to put our son in daycare when he was 10 mo old... I was also terrified. We visited a lot of different places until we found one we were comfortable with. You will feel better if you do your research. We opted for
    and never regretted our option.

  • I went through this.

    I waited until my child turned 4 to enroll him in public school pre kindergarten.
    As a parent it is a natural instinct to want to protect your child.

    I say do what's right by your kid.
    If you feel uncomfortable... just wait a few more years until they start school.

    • Also, you seem like a great Mom! Your kids will appreciate how attentive you are to them. <33

  • There's a greater chance of them dying in a car accident. You going to stop letting them leave the house too?

    You're being extremely irrational.


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