Did I overreact or did I do the right thing?

I have a bunch of friends who I have been hanging out with over the past 3 years.
Lately, I feel that they have not been respecting me.
I felt like an outsider for three years because I am the only person who is different to them, racially.
Whenever I organise something, I have to literally chase them up to get a response. When they organise something, everyone answers almost immediately.
I confronted them about this and they told me that it was not the case and they did not realise they were doing this.
There is this one girl that I am beginning to dislike immensely. She talks about herself 24/7 and brings every subject to be about herself.
They don't wait for me when I am meeting up with them and they go to restaurants in which I end up calling them.
Then the other day, I could have sworn that a girl who is part of the group deliberately did not invite me as to an outing. I confronted her in which she immediately apologised and invited me on Facebook. I did not go.
I am part of a group conversation with them. The girl that I hate got a job and everyone congratulated her, but when I do, a few people congratulate me.
I left the conversation on Facebook.
I am not sure if I over-reacted or did the right thing. But I am sad to see this relationship go.

So what do you think? Did I overreact or are my suspicions valid?
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Did I overreact or did I do the right thing?
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