My girlfriend is avoiding me..?

my girlfriend and I had an argument..we had a break..

and 1 day she texted me and asked 'can we just forget our past and be together again?'..i agreed..

but I don't know why whenever I was with her..she was like trying to avoid me..whenever I walked with her..she will walk faster and got with her friends and just left me behind there..

3 days I sms her with no reply..

i'm sure that her phone still has credit because my friend told me that my girlfriend did sms her..

i tried heart to heart talk with her today,she did listen..but after that we didn't talk much(she chatted with her friends instead of me)..we were holding hands..but after recess she was walking away from me again..

on msn,i said 'hi' to her but she didn't reply me and changed her status to 'busy'..then she changed her personal message to 'status:busy..understand?'..

so I off my msn..

after 40 minutes I on again and I saw she was still there..

but I didn't chat with her..then the next moment,she'd gone offline..

i asked her friend and her friend told me that she was chatting with her..she said my girlfriend was appearing's so obvious that she's avoiding me..what should I do now?is she losing interest in me and doesn't like to be with me anymore? =(


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  • It appears as if the both of you are incomaptible.

    Your girlfriend is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY

    You strive for more of an intimate EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

    She may be losing interest because she senses that the both of you are probably not compatible. I hate to admit it, but it may come to this, she may end it before you do.


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  • Yuah I think she is losing interest cause for the simple reason you to clingy always on top of her you have to give her a breack and play reverse phycology on her, do the same don't completly avoid her but find something that is gona have you busy for her, cause your like a free lunch to her your available wen she wants you to be. People want wah they can't have so spend time with her wen you want to and always appear busy wen she wants to be with you just don't be to hard on her.


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  • Ill be very straightforward here. You know for a fact she's avoiding you and if I were you, id think its pretty damn annoying that she'd do stuff like that. The girls who answered this question are calling you clingy and stuff but I highly doubt that's the case because I've been in the same situation. You don't seem clingy, you just want to know why she's avoiding you. What gets me is that she would change her status to Offline and talk with one of her friends when she knows that she's completely blowing you off. Excuse my language but I say f*** it, if she wants to be that way then let her, you need to move on. Tell her you don't like being ignored and if she dosen't change, end the relationship. There are many, many other fish in the sea. You need to man up, my friend. stop trying to follow her and whine that she won't lead you, Be the leader and firmly tell her that you aren't happy.

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