Why isn't my boyfriend trying to save our relationship?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years and broke up with him after a major argument. Our relationship has been almost perfect but lately he's been a jerk. When I broke up with him, he just said OK and hasn't contacted me since (3 days). Why isn't he trying to save our relationship?

Thanks for the update ladies. I emailed him yesterday and he told me the truth. He has been trying to push me away slowly because I'm ready for marriage and he's not and doesn't know when he will be. He has a lot of growing up to do. It's over!


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  • From the what I get from that question, you sound like you broke up with him for attention from him, you expected him to call you and contact you and all that but I'm sorry to be the one to say this but maybe he has given up, no one likes arguing in relationships and if the two of you have broken up then maybe he just needs some time to himself. Give it a bit longer, maybe this is a sign that you should move on from him or perhaps he simply didn't care as much as you thought he did. If you said recently he's been a jerk, then why would you want him back? If he's a jerk to you and not worth it and you should find someone who treats you right.

    A break up means a break up, doesn't mean that you always get back together or become good friends straight away these things take time to heal. Give him some time to think about everything and see how things go. In the meanwhile just have a laugh and have some fun with some friends and enjoy yourself with your new stress free and commitment free life!

    Good luck (:


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  • Sounds to me that he is just licking his wounds. Some guys are very prideful. Don't worry, the past three days has been absolute hell and guys also have some doubts just as girls do.

    He said ok to save his manhood :D

  • Oh wow... I am so sorry to hear that. I really hope you can make a speedy recovery.

  • It seems to me that you take the shortcut instead of thinking it through before saying goodbye to him. I think he just respect your decision and letting you go and be happy with your life. He might have been a jerk, maybe something is bothering him. Have you talked to him about him being a jerk to you? I think that's what you need before breaking up. Well, you did what you did. I think you should text him and say you want to meet him to talk. Then, tell him how you really feel. I highly suggest for you to think that going back together is the best decision for you two. If you are sure about it, then contact him.