How can I get my friend to accept my apology?

My now ex friend isn't speaking to me anymore. Four years ago, I met this guy (let's call him Andy) and he is so cute!! I was really intrested in him. He's a down to earth, respectful, funny sexy (to me) and intelligent guy. I had the biggest crush on him. I was devastated when I found out that he had a girlfriend and it was my friend Kari. I didn't know it was her. So I had plans to break those two up but failed to work. I really wanted Andy so bad and I hate Kari for having him. They've been together for six years and got engaged last year!! He's so FINE.
I blackmailed Kari's best friend because she refused to lie to Kari about Andy cheating on her with his co worker. They found out and she was FURIOUS!

Two days ago, I saw Kari and I apologize to her but she told me that I really hurt her, her best friend and Andy for what I did and blackmailed her best friend. She told me that that was a very cruel and evil thing to do and she won't even consider being friends with me anymore. Plus she's still furious at me for taking advantage of her autistic cousin and I broke their second chance and she's know what to believe anymore. I asked her, "Why can't you just ACCEPT my apology. I really am sorry for what I did. Please give me another chance Kari. PLEASE!"
Kari said, "No Joy (me). You blew your chance and you promise that you wouldn't do this kind of shit again. You said you wanted to change. You were just fooling us all and we are sick and tired of you lying and playing with our minds and foolishness. You are just a huge loser for freeloading and you need to grow up, get a job and and stop smooching off everyone. Truth to be told, you're dead to me. All I feel for you is full of DESPISE and DISGUST! You'll never chance." And she pushed me out of the way. those were her exact words.
How can I get my friend to accept my apology?
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