Why do girls put guys in the friend zone?

The question states it all... Is there some sort of reason for this. Do girls put them in the friend zone to get to know them better or what?


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  • -don't want to mess up the friendship

    -don't like him

    -not attracted to him

    -can't see us dating


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  • Girls put guys in the friend zone either because they don't see their relationship going any further or they are too scared to ruin what they have. Many people do not adapt to change well, so they figure if I can have fun and he can be my friend like this why take the chance and maybe ruin it? The best way to get out of it is sit down and talk to the girl and tell her that friends don't put each other in boxes like "the friend zone" not to disrespect a womans wish but the least she can do is enjoy the relationship you have and see how things go from there instead of pre-deciding before completely knowing each other. If you do this your relationship can still blossom out of the friend zone and into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The important part is you don't want to come across as agressive or p*ssed off but more understanding and informative that way she understands you and nothing is really 'awkward' after that.

    • That is a very intellectual sounding answer from a 16 year old I am quite impressed... thank you for your answer

    • Backhanded compliment...

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