Girls, should I stop being nice?

I have a hard time making friends, both male and female. I made a small group of friends in my senior year, but they were all guys. I went dateless to my senior prom (had fun with dateless girls and friends). I have felt depressed about this for a while and my grades dropped (got into university). I made plenty of aquaintances and was friendly towards many people (guys and girls). however, when I suggested to hang out, I always got polite rejections while they did summer classes, traveled with family, or even hung out with their social cliques. I never got to be a part of them or any groups (I made a small group of guys in senior year). I was a nice person and people said my best quality was being nice toward everyone. should I stop being nice? since nice guys finish last? I think I'm too fucking boring or shy, so idfk what to do. I'm Indian, weigh 160 lbs, and am 5 foot 8 inches. I don't know what do I do since I can't make friends or get dates. how do I go out with friends or lose my v card at this rate? or get a date to a fraternity formal? should I just stop being nice to people? since they're too damn cliquey? I have felt really bad about not fitting in before and have had dark thoughts about it (NOT suicidal)

I am a bit weird, but loyal. and I do smile and say hi, or how're you doing, and I know that if my friend got injured, I'd help them feel better or buy them chocolate/flowers (if it was a girl). and once, I pulled a chair out for a girl and she said it was sweet (she has a boyfriend, but is friendly towards me ). I also hold doors open and compliment and offer help on homework.

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I also hear that guys have to provide or protect. how'd i compete with the working guys (they have money), military guys (very strong AND money), and the smooth social guys (who can make friends with anyone or get any lady they want. they are also very funny, which I am not so much.) I am not those guys :(.
Girls, should I stop being nice?
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