No-commitment friendship ends up in avoidance?

6 months ago I started to sense this guy friend and I were getting close. We have the same hobbies, we feed off each other intellectually and emotionally, we really click. Because of circumstances, I can’t date anyone right now. Its not an emotional reason like a recent break up, its not a drug or alcohol problem either. It’s a practical reason but it’s also a long story. I let him know this right from the get-go. He also knew I will not have sex before marriage. I figured he was ok with being just friends since he let our friendship continue to grow. There was no commitment, no promises of hooking up in the future, no talk of anything of that nature, just daily conversation via MSN or phone and hanging out in groups. If we were busy we would always get back to each other usually within a day or two. Only a few of our mutual friends know that we talked everyday.

Our face to face conversation was limited. We would see each other 2Xs a week at church. Every few weeks we would hang out in a group. I liked this progression because it was slow. We were getting to know each other as friends and yet because of how little we saw each other, I could still keep my feelings in check and not fall for him completely. Who knows what would happen in the future, even if nothing happened and he finds someone else, at least we had this great friendship – this was my thinking anyway.

About a month ago he started ignoring my MSN messages. I tried 3Xs over the course of a week and got nothing. Next time I saw him, he guiltily admitted to ignoring me, still gave no reason why. This conversation was still very light and friendly with no pushing on my part, and the subject was dropped. Usually he would tell me if he was busy or didn’t feel like talking, I decided he was probably needed some space, I didn’t initiate any conversations, neither did he. The next week, we still did stuff in groups, had fun, saw each other at church. But now the last 2 weeks he hasn’t even come to church, nor has he been at any functions where our mutual friends are. Mutual guy friends have noticed his disappearance from group activities. When I ask them where he is they say they aren’t sure because his reasons are vague. I trust them. I think he is avoiding me completely. If he got a girlfriend, why wouldn’t he tell me? I’m not sure if he knows I like him, but if the thought ever crossed his mind, or if he started liking me too, we both knew from the beginning that its impossible right now, so doesn’t it make more sense to control the emotions, maintain a friendship for now and see what happens, rather than pull away completely? If he suddenly got busy, why not just tell me after admitting to ignoring me? I have decided to continue giving him space so I won't confront him right now. But if this avoidance continues, I might casually phone him up and say “hey long time no see, is everything ok?” I still want to be his friend. Please let me know what you think is going on.

No-commitment friendship ends up in avoidance?
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