My best friend (guy) who is also my friends with benefits "molested" my other best friend (girl)?

(my bfl doesn't know im friends with benefits with my friends with benefits , and my friends with benefits knows my best friend doesn't know about us being fwb)
so my friends with benefits recently met my best friend. He had met her before like all 3 of us had hang out before a couple times but he had never tried anything with her. Me and my friends with benefits use to date but somehow we got along better as friends than a couple.
Anyways it all started one night when we went paintballing to the outskirts of town, he was being goofy climbing on me trying to make me cary him etc, then i noticed he started doing that to my best friend as well. I didn't really think anything of it, i thought they were finally getting to know each other and being friends, i thought well become the 3 amigos etc. Well after paintballing we went to go get ice cream, everything looked fine, they would talk normally etc.
After i drop both of them up my best friend called me and told me that my friends with benefits kept messing with her when i wasn't looking that he would hug her from behind and grab her breasts. She told me she would tell him to stop and he wouldn't listen. all i recall was that when i was doing my own thng i would hear giggleing in the background and her saying to stop it. When i asked her why didn't she tell em anything right there on the spot She told me she didn't know how to react that she didn't know how to tell me that this has never happenede to her before. The next day i confronted my friends with benefits and told him why would he do tht thats my best friend ( that goes against all the rules u can't mess with my best friend after messing with me) all he said was "So" when i told him that i found out what he did.
he didn't even apoligized or anything. I left crying ii had never cried infront of him, and to this day i haven't heard from him. its been 3 days. am i over reacting... i feel so betrayed by both because they were dong that behind my back but I don't know maybe its not my best friends fault but i feel like she should havwe told me on the spot not act l
My best friend (guy) who is also my friends with benefits "molested" my other best friend (girl)?
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