How to get over a friend with benefits who wants to be friends?

I am having feelings for my fwb/friend and I feel like I am going crazy. He is acting like nothing has happened , but for some reason it is hard for me to be just friends. I feel jealous and want to spent time with him and think about him and I know it sounds childish. I just feel I need some time and space to get over him. Do I tell him that or I should just stop answering his texts. The truth is that I am afraid to close this door. I am afraid that he will never call if I cut him off and yet I don't want him to call me. Any advices out there ?


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  • Tell him exactly what you just said, express your fears.

    Tell him you like him, but if he can't show the same respect about your feelings.

    That you're going to have to literally cease all communications with him until you're on your feat emotionally again. Don't half-ass it. Full on, no talking, no mentioning. Etc.

    The only way if he denys your interest in him.

    • He knows that I like him. I have said that and he said he likes me just as a friend, but he contacts me way to often. We talk every other day and I feel it is to much for me.

    • Well the only thing left to do is to tell him that you cannot continue to keep in contact with him as often as you'd like because it's just as you said "too much for you." Can't hide these things. And nothing will ever change if you don't push the first domino.

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  • OMG I'm going thru the same thing.

    I agree with the below. Don't be shy go all out and tell him how you feel, but be prepared for his response. If he's not interested in dating you seriously then cut off ties for awhile.

    When your ready to be friends then be friends.

    I know the feeling of wanting to keep the door open but honestly if its meant to be shut then let it shut. I know it seems likes he's the only man on the planet but he's not.

    If you ignore him for awhile and find new interests you may end up asking yourself why you were ever involved with him in the fist place.

    As for me I'm taking swimming lessons and working out like an animal