Should I let my friend offer me to pay my way next Saturday?

Ok so I'm very broke right now and very tight with money. She called me and told me that we don't have to cancel next Saturday because her mother can buy the movie tickets and she can pay for lunch for a birthday gift to for me. I said thank you so much but I gotta save some money so I can have transportation for school.
I go to school two times a week so next week that will be $4 each day and plus u have a doctors appointment so that's $12 next week, then only $4 next Tuesday because Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Then the week after it will be $8 because Tuesdays and Thursdays I gotta go to school so all together that's $24 I need to save for the rest of the month. That will leave me with only $25 to spend... BUT... I need to get supplies for a school project and loction so I told her I'll get her know. Her mother doesn't have a car anymore (saving up for it) and my dad has to work tomorrow so he won't talk me. If I can't we'll have to celebrate next month. Help me.
yes let her pay for you. she's doing a nice think for you
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Tell her you won't be able to
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celebrate next month
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If you have change left, go next Saturday
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Should I let my friend offer me to pay my way next Saturday?
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