Why haven't my best friends been trying to call me?

Okay so my two best friends are being very rude to me. One of them never called me back last weekend. We talked but she said she would call me back after she got done with her dinner and he company and she never did. I texted her yesterday how her birthday was and she said it was good. Then asked why she hasn't been calling me last weekend. She said she has been busy with school and things and its been crazy. I was like "Okay but you said you would call me back but I haven't heard from you since so I didn't know what was going on." she didn't text me back. Probably with her friends it something. Anyways I told my other best friend saying that to call me and its important and she said she would after her tv show and she never did. Last time she told me she has a life. Look I know I asked them to help me get revenge on my ex boyfriend and doing stuff to go to prison for but that's over. Are my friends being rude? Blunt answers please. I can handel the truth.
They ARE being rude. Confront them
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You're the one being rude. they're busy.
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They should make time to talk to you.
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Why haven't my best friends been trying to call me?
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