What would you do if your parent was in an abusive relationship?

My mom is in an abusive relationship (my parent's are divorced) but her current boyfriend emotionally and psychically abuses her. I try and help her leave, but she just won't. I always told her my place is a safe place to come to and she could live with me for the mean time, but she always denys my help. She came to my house countless amounts of times because the situation with him got bad but she always goes back within a few days. I want to help her, I really do, it kills me but I don't know how much longer I can take of trying to help her but she keeps going back.

What would you do?



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  • battered woman syndrome. it's a hard thing to help. she wants to get out but then he probably says something loving and promising. maybe try to get the police invovled, but they might not do much if there is no physical evidence

  • Help them out