Does truly happy life exist?


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  • Yes.

    Happiness is a state of mind. There is no measurement for happiness. It's all inside you. So you must see what stops you for feeling happy from the within; eliminate those blockers then move forward to catch what makes you happy, create an environment, socialize with people, get on a road and build a life that makes you feel satisfied from the inside regardless of what others label you as.

    People can call you unsuccessful, poor or whatever; but if you feel happy and satisfied. You are happy and that's all that matters. So i want to say the key of happiness is in your hands. You must reach deep down and feel happy, grateful and enjoy life to the fullest. And if you would believe there is something stopping you, eliminate it and reach happiness.

    If you believe you need help to recognize that at the moment, research and sign in for a reliable professional therapist and take help. They will give you a therapy technique so called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using this technique which is basically communication and analyzing your mentality, they can help you to reach that zone if you have a hard time understanding this concept within you.

    Good Luck.


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  • Yes! Here's a key: Cut out anyone, anything, and everything that blocks your happiness IMMEDIATELY.


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