Should I stop talking to my brothers track teammate even though we’re friends?

I had a previous question about this. About my brother running track with a guy I think likes me. Me and that guy have been texting but we never meet up to see one another. My brother said to me today that he felt weird that me and his teammate were texting. I asked him why and he said because I was a Sophomore in College and he’s a Junior in highschool (he’s been held back so technically i’m a year older than him because i’m 19 and he’s 18. So he should be a Freshman in college rn.) I reassured my brother that nothing was going on between us, that we were just having friendly conversation, joking around with one another. After I told him our ages he said he understood but that it was still kinda weird. Why does he think it’s weird? Should I stop talking to his teammate? I was kinda upset because i really do enjoy talking to him.


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  • Maybe your brother is gay and likes him? If he's not, throw a tampon at his head and tell him to suck it up because you'll do whatever you like.

    • That will piss him off but do you think i’m wrong for talking to him?

    • No, you're not wrong for talking to him. You're an adult and may associate with whomever you like. Nor do I see any social impropriety here. It's only weird because your brother is making it weird. It's all in his head. Although, it could also be that his track team mate has leverage on your brother now. So whenever they're horsing around and joking with each other, the track guy can always pull the "your sister" card, lol.

    • I hear what your saying. Someone actually told me that another one of his teammates had a sister and the guy fucked her 👀 I’m not gonna be next though i don’t want to put my brother in a even more uncomfortable position.

  • Keep talking to him. Your brother may think its weird, but what matters is your relationship.


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