Why did she respond like that when she is the one kicking me out?

my room mate told me i have to go because her brother is moving in. i don't know if i believe her. anyway, then i said, to be honest, its not working out anyways. she then says, why do you think its not working out, have i done something wrong because i i don't think i have done anything wrong. i didn't even want to start with her, so i said, things just don't work out. why would she ask me that if she is the kicking me out loll?


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  • Because she came on here and asked why you would say "it's not working out anyway..."

    The advise weren't the best but I also can't understand why you said that...

    It's not working out anyway means you were thinking of moving out even without being asked because it's not working out...

  • Some people cannot accept being the one who has been rejected.

  • Ur a dick for saying that


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