Should I try to get custody?

The living conditions for my little sister aren't good at all. Our dad is an abusive alcoholic and very mean. Her mom doesn't really help matters and usually at least once a week she calls me crying and screaming asking for help. I don't know what else to do her mom won't leave even though she says thats the smartest thing my mom ever did. A judge ordered her parents back in the early 2000s not to be around each other. She has even talked about committing suicide because of how he is and her mom is still with him.

Should I try to get custody? If so how do I go about it? I have text messages, and voicemails (you can hear him in the background yelling and screaming at her). The previous housing conditions were nasty the floors were black the fridge was orange inside among other things... she almosy at the age where a judge would consider her opinion (judge considered mine at her age) and I have reason to believe they use illegal drugs... help?


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  • If you can support her, yes. Either way, she probably shouldn't be there.

    • I buy her clothes, shoes, and school supplies already. I also buy her personal hygiene items such as tooth brushes, mouthwash, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and other things.

    • Food is probably going to add another $100 or so.

      You can talk to a lawyer. The consultation might be free, but the rest of it could be costly.

    • She told her parents months ago that when I move she wants to move with me.

  • U defs should and call the cops on ur dad sounds like a cunt

  • Should you try to mind your business?

    • She is my business. She is my sister and I'm concerned about her well being. Also he is my business since he is my dad...

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