One of my best friends I met online, but then he ghosted me for being mean to someone he knew. Do you think we could rekindle our friendship?

Long story shot. Me friend and I have basically known each other for 10 years now. 4 or 5 years ago I made some sexist and mean comments to his friend who I had known for several months. After I was removed from the Skype group and they had removed me (but friend did not). We slowly drifted away to the point he ghosted me until I sent him a message when Drunk a few months ago. We talked for a bit. He told me he was worried I would be come a biggot and other stuff. I told him thats just how I am online. He said he did not want to ruin our friendship that's why he did not tell me sooner. He thought I would take it in a bad way and not listen. I'm a pretty open person and I only do troll shit online. Lately I have been doing less and less. I honestly now thing he does not want to be friends, but only really cares that I'm less toxic. Messaged him recently and he kept saying he was too busy and it seemed like I was bothering him. All I was asking was how he was doing and if we could talk. All he did was say he was busy, but we were like brothers for 6 years. You would think he would at least make some time to talk. Do you think our friendship can be rekindle and brought back to how we were before or no? Also the person I was mean to I have wanted to apologize, but they still hate me after years. I want to make closure, but I can't.
You guys are right I should have moved on long ago. Just hard losing an old friend. I went ahead and blocked him just so I would not feel like messaging him. An easy way to move on.


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  • He thinks you're a bad person and wants nothing to do with you, he's just too polite to say it.
    Move on


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