Do I take another friend to Florida?

I’m going to Florida my mom said we could take someone but she isn’t a planner and waited until last minute to actually book the trip. But the friend I invited I let her know 2 weeks in advance around the time we thought the trip would be all she would have to do is pay for food. We ended up in a argument over something and now we aren’t on best terms, but have talked on phone and we are talking bout our issues with each other tomorrow in person. But tonight I talked to her on phone needing an answer about the trip and she said she as scheduled to work that week and may not be able to go then proceeds to say if she did then I may have to loan her some money. Like that was part of issue I have with her from the argument. I’m driving and my mom is paying for the place all she has to pay for is food that’s not much! So I’m tempted to just say never mind and find someone last minute or just go by myself. What do you think? Any advice? Do I have a right to be upset and just tell her nevermind? I just feel like I’m always spending money on her and its never the over way or I’m going out of my way since I drive us everywhere. Do I take someone else or try to anyway? She acts like I didn’t give her time when I did I gave her the week we would be planning it just didn’t know day we would leave.
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Do I take another friend to Florida?
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