My parents want to kick me out because they are tired of me? What should I do?

I live about an hour in a half away from home where i go to college. Originally, I didn’t want to go to this college, but my parents coaxed me because they bought my brother and I a house. I slowly regret this. Every weekend, my parents come and stay with me at college, from Friday afternoon to Sunday in the evening in our house. I always had problems with depression and anxiety, so I tend to want be alone on the weekends. Also, I work at the university and take 17 hours, so I like to use the weekend to sleep or study. Since my parents come every weekend, I don’t really get to do any of these. When they are over, it’s constant criticism and reminders of the depression I left back home. In addition, I don’t really socialize or hang out with anyone because my parents are there every weekend. I voiced my concerns, but they told me I should be grateful that I have them paying for my house to live whilst others struggle. To an extent, I understand, but I want to be able to have down time. Now, they want to kick me out, take all my possessions, and have me struggle on my own. I just feel a lot of guilt, sadness, and anxiety. However, I am almost twenty, and I want to be able to do what i want. What should I do?


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  • Do what you want even if it is a struggle


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  • Find a place for yourself or suck it up and live by their rules.


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