What should I do about this friend?

I have a friend who lives about 2 hours away. Even when I lived where she lives, I would try to hang out with her often but she would never reply. Once I moved here, she starts messaging me all the time about how much she misses me and wishes I lived closer so we could hang out. Now she'll message me sometimes to complain or to show something off. She asked if I wanted to see her new car, I said yeah, she sent a photo, I asked what kind it is, she never replied. She messages me about how she's so lonely and has no one to hang out with or talk to, I said "well you can always talk to me" and she didn't reply. Or her problems. "My boyfriend cheated on me last year." "what really?" no reply. Or she'll ask me questions like "how do you know if you love someone" "do you think I could afford a ______ if I make $__ and hour?" "does this look like a spider bite?" and I always give my opinion expecting her to reply something back, but she never does. She never says "hey how's it going?" she just messages me out of the blue something totally random. I'm tired of, these one sided messages when sometimes she's chatty telling me how I'm such a good friend, making plans with me (that she never follows through with) etc. I'm thinking about just telling her like "hey don't message me if you're not gonna respond when I message you back I'm not Google" next time she messages me, but I don't know. Should I stop replying? We've been friends for years and I don't want her out of my life completely, but I feel used and like she only messages me when it's convenient for her. And I'm sorry but her problems are just kinda petty to me. She whines about the smallest things that aren't even a big deal. She's 20 and has never worked, lives with her parents, and they buy her everything she wants. Not that it's a bad thing, but when she tells me she has too many problems and she wants my life, I laugh because I can barely afford to eat. It's insulting. I don't know I just see it that way.


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