How can you tell if an online friend is getting bored of you?

We used to Skype, now we dont. He used to message me first but im always the only one who does it. He doesn't send pictures of himself to me anymore too
Its not sexting. Its regular pictures lol


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  • His dick dont get hard anymore

    • Its not sexting. Regular selfies

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  • Find somebody else. He isn’t worth what your giving him: time:)

  • Stop messaging him for a few days. After two days if he hasn't messaged you its safe to assume he no longer cares.
    The solution to this problem, is to meet in real life. Though not always practical, It's the only way to save the bond.

    • We only been talking for almost a year and he isn't up meeting people. He is more of a loner and quite odd. Like he is 30+, lives with his parents, never married, etc. He doesn't have a job and he stays at home a lot. I used to have a crush on him but he pushed me away with the crush thing because he thought flirting was fun and sexting was just a fun game to him but he supportive

    • Sounds like a jerk tbh.
      Still I'd do the process I mentioned, dont text for a few days and see.
      If you really care for him, try to set something up in real life.
      If he isn't up for it.. just let him go

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