How to deal with an overreaching parent?

My parents are retired and bored and keep "dropping in" to check on me. During which time, they criticize my house, my clothes, my boyfriends, my career choices openly and to my face as well as behind my back. They've done a series of rude, inconsiderate things (including undermining my parenting) to the point that I've had to repeatedly sit them down and tell them I don't appreciate it and that I find their behavior incredibly insulting. They say things like "you can't change us, we're in our sixties - it's YOUR issue not ours". Being around them is emotionally draining, and I need space. They keep using their "in case of emergency only" keys to break into my house, eating my food, going through my laptop and leaving passive aggressive notes. I know they are going through a rough time in their marriage but the only thing they seem to agree on is projecting all their frustrations with each other onto me and I hate it. Aside from just having my own parents arrested - how do I deal with this behavior?


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  • Take their keys away.

    • I changed the locks, so they called the locksmith who opened it for them anyway.

    • How? I dont think that's legal at all

    • Change the locks again and give them a no trespass notice. If it happens again call the police and press charges

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