Our 9 month old is not attaching to her father and he’s hurt about it... what to do?

We live together and have a 9 month old daughter... he’s on business trips for work sometimes and I’m home with her most of the time. She attaches to me 24/7 when her dad holds her she screams (one time for a whole hour I went to pick her up and she stopped) until I’m holding her, sometimes she’ll just ignore him I do push her on him because well that’s her dad. So I don't know what to do and his feelings are hurt about it which I feel horrible about because he wants to be involved obviously.


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  • He needs to find a way to spend more time together and not leave for business. Be home together every night.


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  • Babies are tricky creatures.

    Is there something that the baby goes bonkers for? Like a snack or a certain kind of toy?

    If so, the father can use these things to help get her attention and start forming a positive association.

    Making the baby smile and laugh has been the key to my babysitting technique. If it works for a stranger, it should work for dad.


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