What should I do about my friend moving to military school?

i moved schools this year... and so i had to make new friends... one of the friends i made was also new to the school this year... now this friend of mine was someone i cared about greatly... if it wasn't for him i would have killed myself at the beginning of the school year... i also had talked him out of it also... and my friend vapes, but he is only 12 almost 13... he was stupid and used one in class... then 2 girls at my school snitched on him... so he was caught... but then 2 weeks later they searched him again... of course he was caught again, but of course his parents dislike him vaping and i think now r sending him to military school... he told me after the first time that they were going to if they caught him again... and then he did right before break, and has not been at school scene...
to everyone who read all of that i just want u to know he is not going to military school now... he is just transferring schools because his parents think he will get in less trouble then... thank u!


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  • Just keep in co tact with him over that distance

    • 4d

      well i just got his new insta... and i have been trying to... thank u...

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  • lol i know almost 5 people in my year who vapes. theyre 13 years old, all boys. they think its cool lmao


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