How did you tell your parents about your SO?

So, my mother is very possessive, clingy and she really doesn't like me having a boyfriend. She's a single mom, I can't blame her for wanting me to be with her... But it's really annoying. Whenever I'm talking on the phone with a guy friend, she comes into my room with a very gloomy look and asks me who I'm talking to and why... While I'm still on the phone with them. The last boyfriend I had, he was from a different country and when I told her about him, she started crying and the first words that came out of her mouth were "what's going to happen to me when you move away with him?" I'd only been with the guy for 2months. I just told her I'm with him. Not marrying him.

Recently I've started a relationship with someone that I really like and care about. Someone that I can see a future with. And I hate hiding and lying to my mother about it. It's tiring to have to lie to her about going out with friends, while I'm really hanging out with my boyfriend. He has been so kind and so understanding. I just do not want her to ruin this for us. But I'm getting tired of lying and sooner or later, I will have to tell her and that scares me. My boyfriend seems to want me to tell her about us but understand that I do not want to tell her in order to protect us.

How did you tell your parents about your SO/Boyfriend /Girlfriend? I'm sure some of you have a very clingy, possessive, strict parent/s. How you break the news to your parent/s?


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  • Complicated issue. However if in doubt honesty is your best bet. Introduce him in a nice manner to have an immediate positive outlook, have him help you make lunch for her, if you two are serious you can face the problen together instead of it driving you apart.

    I broke mine in honestly, if my parents disapprove, thats their issue as my feelings towards my SO are clear.


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