Why do Black women act so evil towards Black men?

Growing up in a Black Elementary School, Black girls would act violent towards me by hitting me, and trying to fight me, Black kids would verbally torture me and make me suffer. Black girls wanted to fight me for no reason by hitting me, and I didn't do anything to them. So, I hit her back, and that's when Black kids freaking started to act annoying by everyone of them being mean to me, and torturing me verbally. Plus, in Black High School, Black girls would try to rape their own Black men.
Dear Black women, I hear your people always talking about "a man should never hit a woman" and most of the times you Black women always hit and always try to fight Black men. If you Black women really don't want any of our Black men to be violent towards you guys, then you guys shouldn't assault, hit, and start a fight with us Black men. This in my opinion, makes no freaking sense at all!
Also, I feel that Black men who try to discipline other Black men from hitting Black women back and do something horrible to them is wrong and childish to me. Also, Black women if you don't want Black men to rape you, torture you, and make you suffered, then don't do the same thing to Black men! It's not fair and I sick of you Black women!
Because of White men raping, torturing, beating up, and making our Black women suffer doing slavery. I can't stand White people and Black women now because this is exactly what Black women are cowardly doing towards Black men. If a Black man, does either raping, torturing, beating up their women, and making them suffer, then something bad gonna happen to them instead of White people. This is obviously messing with me and is wrong because Black men can't do any of the following of what White men did to Black women doing slavery which is irritating. For me, this makes me think that White men are nothing but kids even if they do protect their White women and act like unfair cowardly gentlemen towards Black people.


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  • Just get yourself a white girlfriend and shut up 😂
    Seriously, it’s probably going to make you happier. Call Becky and put a ring on it.

    Certain kinds of black American men, such as yourself are extremely irritating. Always want to blame black women for everything, calling them every name in the book, pointing out every single flaw you can without understanding the true reality you live in.

    Just so irritating... smh...

    Yes, I am a black woman and I find it very unfortunate that you had to grow up in such a toxic dump with toxic ass people.

    I can relate a little bit, but at the same time I just cannot.

    Aren’t you a grown man by now? Move on. Why do you care? Stop caring so much. Just get a Becky 😂 Please do. It’s much more productive than whining over something you cannot change or understand.

    Some women such, some don’t. Same thing can be said for men. Don’t paint black guys as martyrs and saints because that is far from true.

    There are some black Women who are taught to be aggressive and sometimes that is expressed in the wrong ways, in the wrong parts of the American soil.

    And guess what, there are just as many black Women who simply cannot relate with that.

    Do not project your terrible experiences onto a whole group of people. It is IRRITATING. It solves nothing. It only makes you bitter.

    So for the last time... PLEASE just go get yourself a Becky 🤦🏾‍♀️ or maybe a Ling Ling, some Asian girl. Any other flavor of titty (white, Asian, middle eastern, etc)... put it in your mouth and shut up.

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      I only show care because it's not their fault, and it's not how Black women should treat Black men.

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      What do you mean by ‘true reality’?

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      Exactly what I said.

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