How would you feel if the person you love the most lied about having a disease just to get you to spend time with him/her?

Question’s inspired by a movie i just watched. Summary is that the 70 year old father of 4 grown up adults filled with a very busy life. Which leads him being left alone and feeling lonely. He was misdiagnosed with cancer. This became a reason for all his children to reunite and spend more time with him. He was then told he was only misdiagnosed and that the illness he really has can be easily cured. He kept it a secret. I mean, he tried to for as long as he can but of course every secret couldnt be kept forever.

One of his children didn't feel angry, but he instead felt sorry for his dad. The other three were upset thinking their father just made a fool out of them.
PS: my heart broke a little when the father told himself “i wish i really did have cancer”, after all of his children walked away.

How would you feel? Could be a family, a friend, etc.
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  • I’d feel sorry and easily forgive.
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4 grown up children*


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  • Eh. That's a tough call. This exact situation I'd say the kids are in the wrong for not spending time with their dad who clearly cares about them.
    In any other situation though, lying about an illness is fucked up and I'd probably cut that person out my life.

  • I'd definitely feel sorry that it had to come this far for my dad to get some much-needed love and attention. Getting mad about it is understandable, but it's also a bit childish. It's not like he lied about it just out of spite.


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