Would you consider this betrayal?

I have employed a audio engineer since 2015, after quitting his job at the studio, he has been by my side ever since “pay of course” . We also have hung out many times for dinner , lunch, invited to his wedding and so on. He has never asked me for a dime other than his paycheck.

Recently since early 2019 I brought I’m to a studio out in Brooklyn. I got him a job working for me there. The guy who owns the place has always been shady, not too nice to him and even made rude comments regarding him being gay. Also , the part owner of the studio has also made comments about me.. which were rude and dismissive. (This all just came to light by the way)

The other day he messaged me , that he needed business and legal advice , and asked the favor of me to meet him and help him out. Of course I said yes , and he randomly cancelled on me. I was shocked , I had cleared my busy schedule , he never chose to reschedule with me... I felt something was wrong. So I asked.. where did you go? He told me the studio, so long story short , (he went to the studio of the men who are rude to him, to work for them without paying him, to work for a artist who has now replaced me at my job, and has made my role as a employee and artist there less important... he still to this day did not tell me it was she he worked for... I found out through someone else , if there is nothing to hide , why did you lie about your location and feel comfortable taking money from me but not them?
Would you consider this betrayal?
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