Is it rude to ask someone if they’re gay?

I’ve had this friend for a couple years now and I’ve noticed some things. He doesn’t ‘crush’ on anyone, he has some feminine qualities, and I once used his phone to google something and saw gay adult titles in the search bar. (You get what I’m talking about)

There’s thing that make me think he isn’t gay as well though. He doesn’t like when men wear makeup or female clothing, when we discuss futures he describes his as having a wife and two kids. There’s also this app called Monkey, when we use it he put his preferences on females only.

I want to ask him if he is but I don’t want to make him uncomfortable if he is and just isn’t ready. I just want to let him know I’m ok with it and want him to be happy. I’d hate to have to live my life in secret the way he is. But if he isn’t I’d hate to be the jerk who asked and it’s awkward and he thinks that’s how people feel about him.
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Sorry if I’m babbling I do that a lot
Is it rude to ask someone if they’re gay?
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