Several Levels of Friendship?

To me there are several levels of friendship
and I started making this list. I don't feel like it's even close to being finished yet so please let me know if there's anything I should add or change.

1. Friendly acquaintances. You may only meet them once and never see them again.
2. People you see on a day-to-day basis and you know their name and they know your name and you exchange friendly greetings.
3. The people who you know the names of and will engage with in small talk or tell jokes to at work.
4. The people who you know a little better and will hang out with outside of the workplace and exchange in longer and deeper conversation about politics, home life, or relationships.
5. People who have been to your house or you have been to their house and may have met each other's family.
6. Family friends. People who you have known for some years and you have a good relationship with them and their families as they do yours.
7. Significant others and families.
This part is vastly too complicated to break up into a small group. Whole entire library shelves can and have been filled on this subject matter but suffice to say if you have a good relationship with them than they are usually the people who are closest to you in life.

Pretty much anyone who I have met that does not mean me harm is a potential friend.
Several Levels of Friendship?
Several Levels of Friendship?
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