No one wants to talk to me at my new school?

I just moved schools and the titles an exxageration.. I have made some freinds... very little
but as for everyone else, no one will look at me, talk to me, even if I talk to them.

for example in sport, these two guys talk to all my friends but never me... I talk to them and they seem annoyed with me.. and this is basically how it goes with everyone..
I either say something stupid or I come off as too energetic and fun and positive or too emotional and paranoid and quiet...

Maybe its because I don't wear makeup and don't care about my looks as much..
or maybe its my personality.. but like.. it can't be that I'm shy because they talk to my bff whos so damn shy and quiet, they always highfive her and stuff...

I'm not sure what Im doing wrong
No one wants to talk to me at my new school?
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