Do you think it's right of them to demand me buying gifts to people I don't love?

I'm currently living at home and studying. I've planned to buy some Christmas gifts soon and has little money. I and my parents are disagree on if I should buy a gift to my brother or not. I loves my parents, but I don't love my brother and we're never talking with each other. Last time we talked was ca. three years ago. Everytime I tried to be friendly and talk, he says I've to go away and he don't like hanging together. He told me to shut up when I looked at him this summer too. He rarely wants to speak with anyone in my family, rarely helps with house chores and is rude. He talks shit to me and my parents, and treat us like a burden. Yet they expect me to buy at least a 12$ gift to him and I don't expect him giving one to me. My parents said it was their house and rules, so maybe I should move out. I hate being fake and people being fake toward me. He doesn't deserve anything from me and I knows what he gives me wouldn't be real. It would be "forced" from my parents. I'm being selfish here?

I don't love him and he doesn't love me. We doesn't get along and doesn't care about each other. But just because of we happen to have the same legal parents we're supposed to do this they says. Even if we shared the same blood I don't understand this concept. I had to promise my parents I would pay several thousand of dollars in the future to him if I inherit their house, so I will give him a lot later. I want my money alone right now and spend more on a friend I truly loves. #Christmas
Do you think it's right of them to demand me buying gifts to people I don't love?
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